Phytochemical and biological overview of genus "Bignonia" (1969-2017)
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Bignonia; Bignoniaceae; Phytochemical; biological activities; Review


Bignonia L. is the fifth largest genus in the tribe Bignonieae (), with 31 lianas species. Bignonia plants are widely used in traditional medicine as skin ailments like fungal infections, postpartum haemorrhage, malaria, diabetes and pneumonia. Many literatures reported that Bignonia species contain Bignoniaceae different classes of active constituents as phenylethanoids, phenolics, lignans, flavonoids, coumarins and xanthones . Additionally, they demonstrated a wide range of biological activities as cytotoxic, wound healing potential, antidiabetic, sleep induction, gastroprotection, anti-obesity and insecticidal activities. This review revealed that only 15 species have been reported in the literature. Moreover, Bignonia plants need further studies as they are considered a good source for bioactive natural products.

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