Comparative Head Space GC/MS Studies of Different Flavored Moâssel in the Egyptian Market (II)
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Egyptian Flavored Moȃssel; Head Space GC/MS; Al Dandash Company


This study designed to investigate three various samples of Egyptian Moȃssel (flavored tobacco) used in water pipe smoking. The specimens (Guava, Mixed Fruits and Watermelon) were collected from the Egyptian market, which were produced by Al Dandash company (Egyptian famed tobacco company). They were examined by Head Space GC/MS. There were relatively differences among the investigated specimens. The identified compounds of the first one (Guava) exhibited 31 ingredients, which represented (93.16%) of the compounds. The main one was fraistone (12.87%). While, the second one (Mixed Fruits) specimen displayed 36 recognized compounds, which represented (91.98%) of the sample components. The main constituent was isoamyl acetate (19.83%). Finally, the last one (Watermelon) exhibited 27 identified ingredients, which represented (68.60%) of the total compounds and the highest compound was 1,2-propanediol (25.23%) of the constituents.

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