Publication Ethics,Malpractice Statement

Asian journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences follows the highest standards of publication ethics and it takes all measures necessary to prevent publication misconduct.

Our editorial board does not accept any type of plagiarism. This means that works replicating another author’s work without acknowledging him/her shall be automatically disqualified. All authors submitting their papers to Asian journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences affirm that their papers are their own creations and have not been copied in whole or in part from other works. 

Each paper is reviewed anonymously by an independent reviewer to ensure the final high standard and quality of the journal. If a paper is found to be deficient in any respect, it is returned to the author for rework, or it is refused. The communication between the reviewers and authors is managed by and conducted through the editors. 

The volume editors and reviewers are the body to ultimately decide which papers are publishable in Asian journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences. Their decision is based on a number of factors: compliance with formal requirements, topical orientation of the issue and its harmony with the topic of the paper, possession of permits to reprint/republish excerpts in the papers, relevance of the paper in terms of scientific research in the respective field, use of scientific procedures and methods, language quality etc. Unpublished papers shall be returned to the author with a formal statement justifying the refusal. In the reviewing process, the reviewers help the author improve the paper to match the respective requirements, objectify the research findings etc. The papers received/reviewed by the reviewers are treated with confidentiality.